The SiteMaestro family of products is the most powerful and flexible cross-platform monitoring solution available today. SiteMaestro monitors your mission-critical systems, databases, and network devices 24 hours a day, seven days a week and provides instant notifications when failures are detected. It is ideal for any business that needs to know that everything is up and running without spending a lot of time, energy, and money implementing a solution.

smAgent 2
The SiteMaestro intelligent agent is a small, efficient service that runs on each server. It collects critical system data based on a user-defined set of rules. [read more...]

smRepository 2
The SiteMaestro Repository allows for one or more agents to send collected data for long-term storage in a SQL Server or Oracle database. [read more...]

smPlugins 2
The SiteMaestro agent can be easily extended using a rich set of optional plugin modules. These modules can be added as you need them to any agent. [read more...]

smConsole 2
The SiteMaestro console provides a birds-eye view of all of your agents. It can also be used as a dashboard allowing you to easily navigate to each agent. [read more...]