smPlugins 2
The SiteMaestro agent can be easily extended using a rich set of optional plugin modules. These modules can be added as you need them to any agent. Current plugins include monitoring support for: Oracle databases, generic network devices, Cisco network devices, and web servers. You can even create your own to monitor virtually anything or let us build one for you.

General Features

  • Extends any Professional Edition Agent
  • Cross-Platform
  • Build your own to monitor anything

Available Plugins

  • Oracle8/9/10
  • HTTP Server (http/https)
  • Network Devices (via SNMP)
  • Cisco Devices (via SNMP)
  • SiteMaestro Repository
  • Generic Host (via SNMP)
  • Novell (via SNMP)
  • F5 3DNS
  • Intel┬áRapid Storage Technology (RST) RAID Controller
  • Silicon Image SATA RAID5 RAID Controller
  • Ping

Note: All SNMP plugins require the target server or network device to SNMP enabled outside of SiteMaestro. Network device must correctly instrument the standard IF-MIBs (RFC1229,RFC1573). Hosts must instrument the standard HOST-RESOURCE-MIBs (RFC1514).