SiteMaestro Agent v3.9 Released

New for Release 3.9!


Feature: Added date and time to console summary window

Feature: Improve datastore performance

Feature: Add support for Solaris 11 x86 and SPARC

Defect: Notification incorrect for sample alarm intf down

  • Notification incorrect for sample alarm InterfaceDown. The notification for the InterfaceDown? sample alarm in the Solaris sm.conf is incorrectly specified as $tier1Console

Defect: Datastore

  • While the datastore degrag operation appears to complete successfully, the defraged datastore contains the same amount of records as the original, but not all of the data.

Defect: Console group can hang during SSL handshake

  • Console group status update can hang during SSL handshake on ill-behaved networks. This seems to be because the socket can connect but the handshake blocks. The result is that the console group no longer updates and the agent’s web server is blocked and u

Defect: Invalid UID/GIDs in processes causes core dump

  • Invalid UID/GIDs in processes (System.Process) or files (System.File) causes a core dump. This can occur in in Solaris zones where a running process may not be in the local zone’s /etc/passwd file.

Defect: SVR4 pkg should support pkgrm/pkgadd

  • SVR4 pkg should support pkgrm/pkgadd without loosing configuration, trusted.pem, etc. This is because SVR4 packages does not support upgrades. So, most people do pkgrm followed by pkgadd.

Defect: HPUX init.d scripts errors with usage statement

  • The init.d script errors on startup and shutdown with a usage statement. This is because HPUX defines a start_msg and stop_msg argument.
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